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Thursday, February 27, 2014

Good Oak's Sustainable Garden Center: Now Online!

Good Oak's Sustainable Garden Center is now online, and we need your help!

Of course we need you to shop at our site. Right now we're offering a selection of high quality garden and weed management tools, and also great books on native plants, gardening for wildlife and more. Our goal at the moment is to offer books and tools that we regularly recommend our clients and people who attend my talks. This way you can find all the good stuff you need all in one place! A few of my favorites are:

Those are just a few of  the many great items we're offering. Check out the store to see what else we have.

So here's the part where we need your help. We need to know: what sustainable gardening/landscaping products do you want?

So far our tool selection focuses on high-quality items that you won't have to throw away... most will, in fact, last you a life time. What other tools and supplies would you like to buy? Are there things that its hard to find a good source for, or that you're always recommending to friends?

The books we offer are all very informative about native plants, weed control, landscaping with natives and for wildlife. Would you like to see more plant and animal identification books offered? More inspirational books from authors like E. O. Wilson or Michael Pollen? What about books on cultivating fruits trees and vines or organic vegetable gardening? What is your favorite book that teaches and inspires you in the garden?

Would you like to buy native plants online? Prairie seed mixes? Garden veggie seeds or starters?

Please let us know!

Our "doors" are now open for business. We hope to add a few more great products to our offerings before our "Grand Opening" in mid-March. Now through the end of March we're offering free local shipping on everything in our store, and we'll have some special deals for the Grand Opening too. In the mean time, get the word out, share with your friends. and Give us some feedback!

Learn. Teach. Share.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Garden Expo 2014!

On February 7-9th we will again be hosting a booth at the Wisconsin Public Television Garden Expo. As usual, we'll be available to share our knowledge of native plants, weed control and sustainable landscaping. We're also looking forward to talking with you about any projects you're hoping to start this year as winter gives way to spring (not as far off as it seems!)

You can find us at booth #324. We've got a few exciting additions to just the basic booth, such as:

Garden Center Debut:

This week we're launching our online Sustainable Garden Center. We're excited to be able to offer for sale many of the books and tools we recommend to our clients on a daily basis. We'll have all of our products for sale at our booth, and we'd love to tell you more about them. The website will be open for business by Friday for the start of the Expo for those of you who can't attend.

Presentation's by Frank:

Our fearless leader will be giving several talks about sustainable landscaping, including:
  • Planting a Prairie: Choose Your Own Adventure! on Friday at 6 pm in the Mendota 6-7 room
  • Gardening for Pollinators on Saturday at 10:45 am in the Mendota 4 room
  • Native Plants for Any Landscape on Sunday at 11:45am in the Mendota 3 room