Good Oak News

Friday, November 27, 2015

Good Oak Garden Center Expansion Comming Soon!

Did You Know We Have a Little Retail Store?

Most people aren't aware that Good Oak has done some modest retail sales of tools and books. We have a small web-store, and do some sales at the Wisconsin Garden Expo, and other events.

We're focusing on being able to offer books on the topics of plant identification, gardening for pollinators and birds, native landscaping, invasive species control and a number of other informative and inspirational topics.
The Xercies Society has an in-depth guide about pollinators, and how you can make your property their best home.

We also offer a selection of hand tools to help get the projects done, from our favorite, the hori-hori, to clippers, loppers and hand-saws. Our goal is to offer high-quality, durable tools that get the job done, and not cheap gimmicky tools that you'll break, toss out or leave on the back of the shelf. We have tested everything we sell ourselves before it goes into the store.

The Nisaku Hori Hori. Our favorite tool.

Come See us At Our New Shop!

We're proud to say that we're in the process of expanding our retail offerings on multiple fronts. We have expanded our shop/office here at HQ, which now affords us a small retail space here at 4606 Pflaum Rd in Madison. So come on by and see us!

And, just in time for Christmas, we'll also have more great things to share with you: we'll have nearly twice as many book titles, and we may be nearly tripling the tools we offer. Look for an announcement coming in the next two weeks.

Bigger Things Coming

That's just the start. Over the next few months we'll continue to improve our web store, start offering classes and seminars at our new office space, and expand our offerings of tools, books, materials, and just in time for spring planting, live native plants!

Our goal is to be able to offer all the information, tools, plants and other materials to allow people to take action in their own backyard,"back forty" or community to restore native plants back to our landscape. We view our little retail store as one of the first steps towards that goal.