Good Oak News

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Good Oak's Four-Day Holiday Sale!

We've had a modest retail aspect to Good Oak for almost two years now. Our goal has been to offer the books and tools that we already recommend to our clients.

More recently we decided to expand our efforts to get more people involved in restoring native plants to our landscape. And with this new effort is a new name: Good Oak's Land Stewardship Center. 

This spring, we'll not only be selling quality garden tools and informative books, we'll also be teaching classes and workshops on ecological restoration and sustainable landscaping, and by the time the growing season rolls around, live plants!

So we thought we'd start this off with a little gift to our clients and friends. This week we're throwing a Four Day Holiday Sale. You can shop at our online store, or our physical Land Stewardship Center on Madison’s east side. With this sale, there are three ways to save:
  1. 10% our entire stock from Tuesday through Friday! Use Code HOLIDAY10 in the "Vouchers" field of the checkout module.

  2. An additional 20% off one select item each day of the sale (see below).

  3. FREE LOCAL DELIVERY to the Madison Metro area! This includes:

  •     Madison
  •     Monona
  •     Middleton
  •     McFarland
  •     Cottage Grove
  •     Fitchburg (north of Lacy Rd.)

We hope you can take advantage of this sale to get a gift for a loved one (or a little something for yourself) and that you have a great holiday season. As we move into the new year, we hope you'll watch the Land Stewardship Center grow!