Good Oak News

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

2015 Plant Sale: 50% off of our plants!

 UPDATE: With cold weather closing in, we have ended our fall plant sale for 2015. We sold over 250 plants, we're glad they all found homes!

End of autumn overstock plant sale… scary low prices (50% off retail cost of most plants)!  These plants are not dead, just dormant or going dormant, and should rise from the ground once again in the spring. Plant them now and just water them once or twice and you're all set until spring!

Through no fault of their own, these little darlings are extras from the summer growing season. Please help them find a good, loving home before the cold fingers of winter arrive.

Offer ends soon! We will be winterizing the plants in a couple of weeks. See below for our current plant inventory list which will be updated in real-time as plants are sold.

To Order: 

Contact Melissa by email (melissa at or phone (608.250.0513). Plants can be picked up at our office at 4606 Pflaum Rd., by appointment, or delivered for an additional charge.