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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Roadsalt: toxic to our streams

Here is an interesting article on Science Daily that follows up on my previous post quite nicely.  Essentially, we put so much salt on roads in the winter that the run off kills organisms in nearby streams.  So please, only salt your driveway and walkway when absolutely necessary.  Careful shoveling can remove most of the frozen wet stuff that turns into slick ice, snow blowers are less effective at scraping every bit off of the ground.  Also, if you have the opportunity to be involved in the planning stages of a building project, site the entrance on the south side where sunlight can melt most of the hazardous ice away.  Lastly, work with your city or township to encourage reduction in the use of salt on roads.  Often it is just plain wasted.  Other times there are less toxic alternatives like sand, beat juice and cinders.

Science Daily: Many Urban Streams Harmful to Aquatic Life Following Winter Pavement Deicing

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