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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Coming in 2014: Good Oak's Sustainable Garden Center

Good Oak's Sustainable Garden Center

We've had a little buzz going around about our plans, but earlier this week we made the decision. We will be starting up Good Oak's Sustainable Garden Center in the spring of 2014. We have a lot of work to do over the next 14 months or so, working with our suppliers, reaching out to our community, and of course raising start-up funds! Here is what we want the garden center to be about:


    To provide the resources that enable people to manage their property in the most environmentally sound way possible, focusing on native plants and organic garden supplies.

Our Vision

    How an individual manages their land is perhaps the most important way in which they impact the environment. In a sustainable landscape, plants aren’t just there for their good looks, they are part of a natural system, having a valuable role providing food and habitat for people and wildlife. Sustainable garden products are produced in an environmentally sensitive manner and don’t degrade the environment in their use.
    Traditional garden centers are not meeting the needs of homeowners who wish to manage their property in an ecologically sound manner. Good Oak’s Sustainable Garden Center will serve a large, untapped market of individuals in the Madison area interested in native landscaping, habitat restoration, and home food production. Good Oak’s Sustainable Garden Center will be the best and only dedicated resource for sustainable landscaping in southern Wisconsin, serving as a community resource to help people make a positive change in their own back yard and create a landscape that they and their neighbors can enjoy.

Products we will offer include:
    • native perennials, shrubs and trees
    • starter vegetable plants, fruit trees and seeds
    • organic fertilizers, compost and mulches
    • wild bird & bee supplies (houses, feeders, bird seed, etc)
    • rain barrels and other rain water sequestering supplies
    • books and other reference material
    • quality gardening tools and equipment
    • locally crafted natural products, garden art and nature-themed art
    • locally grown Christmas trees, natural holiday decorations (seasonal)

    Our new retail location will also house our existing landscaping and restoration services sharing offices, shop space and landscaping materials. This expansion will enhance the visibility and efficiency of our existing services, increasing profitability. The garden center will offer limited online sales initially, with plans to expand in this area as the garden center division becomes more established.

We Need Your Help!

We want to make the sustainable garden center the best resource it can be. Please take a few minutes to fill out our survey so we can learn from you how we can best serve our community.

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