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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

We're Hiring: Sustainble Landscaping Manager, Technician and Interns!

UPDATE: We've extended the application deadline for the Sustainable Landscaper and Technician position to March 6th. We've been busy with the Garden Expo and brush clearing, thus haven't found time until late in the process to really get this announcement out 'in the wild' sufficiently.

We're looking to fill a few positions here at Good Oak.

For the Sustainable Landscaping Manager we need someone with a strong background in horticulture and landscaping, knowledge of native plants is less important since existing staff already have that skill... but boy will you be getting a lesson.

Speaking of lessons, our spring and summer internships are open as well, we're looking for college students that want to learn a lot about native plants, ecological restoration and sustainable landscaping. Our spring internship starts in early-March, and applications are due soon, so don't wait!

UPDATE: We're now also looking for an additional Ecological Restoration and Sustainable Landscaping Technician to join our team. And hey, why not, if you've got the skills, please apply for our Ecological Restoration Manager position, but please, only if you meet the minimum requirements.

Find out more at our new Employment page.

Our team after a fall hardscaping and native planting project.

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