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Friday, July 24, 2015

Good Oak is Hiring (again)!

Are you looking for an ecologically-sound job? Know someone who is?

Our long-serving Senior Technician, Micah, is heading off to graduate school. He leaves some big shoes to fill! So we're looking for folks experience in landscaping or natural areas management work to join our team as a Technician, getting the good work done on the ground.

We're also hiring for a new position, a part-time Administrative Assistant who can help us streamline and organize our office so the rest of us can spend more time in the field and working on projects!

Lastly, we're still looking for a skilled and experienced landscaper to join our team and lead our ecologically-minded landscaping division. Yes, we're ready and willing to hire now, at the end of the season, for the right candidate!

For more information, click on the links above, or see our Employment page.

Micah strutting.
Micah, spraying invasive plants.
Micah burning.

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